Limited three and four-bedroom apartments remain.
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34 Duke Street, East Fremantle

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Revival of An Icon

The restoration of The Royal George will return the hotel to its former glory, and with the addition of a contemporary building offering 20 inspired apartments, its revival will be complete.

Pushing the idea of modern design, the new 9-storey building will make an unapologetic statement. Bold and beautiful. Considered and nuanced. Worthy of its place.

1. Building footprint and elevation ensures outstanding views towards the river and the ocean

2. Family and kitchen spaces orientated to maximise views and natural light, while offering protection from the afternoon sun

3. Contemporary design which expands as it moves away from the original hotel

Considered and Deliberate

Award winning architects, spaceagency has set out to enhance this landmark address, and establish a new legacy building for East Fremantle.

Inspired by the shapes and forms of nearby residential rooftops, the design is not only retrospective and respectful, but also has an eye on the future; progressive, modern and beautifully nuanced. Holding an elevated position, the building expands on varying planes as it moves away from the original hotel.

The Arrival Experience

A grand entrance, but also an important link to the past; the new courtyard of The Royal George is being returned to the community with a contemporary new design. It will be a local place, for local people — a vibrant food and beverage destination which will add another dimension to the already eclectic local hospitality scene.

A Progressive Form

Forget simple box layouts, step inside and experience diagonal lines, inclined walls, curved feature walls, and rooms with varying angular planes. This shift in geometry is distinctive, unique and unapologetic.

From public domains to private spaces, the considered architectural approach aims to enhance the everyday experience.

The Courtyard

The Lobby

The New Royal George